Broker Compensation


Brokers/Agents are compensated in the form of a commission payment calculated as a percentage of your insurance premium. Brokers are obligated to disclose their commission earnings on a client’s policy, if so requested.

Contingent Profit Commission

As part of our brokerage contract, HTM Insurance recognizes Broker profitability through a Contingent Profit Commission (CPC) program. Receipt of a CPC payment is entirely dependent on the overall profitability of the business submitted by a Broker. Therefore, this commission is not guaranteed to any Broker/Agent. Our CPC program has no aspect geared to business growth rates and is simply based on the profitability of the broker’s business with us.

CPC payments typically amount to a maximum of 2% of our total Written Premium


HTM Insurance Company has no equity position in any brokerage business and has no outstanding loans to any of our brokers or agents. We will from time to time participate in joint advertising initiatives with our broker/agent partners.

If you have any queries please contact us.

The following is a breakdown of the commissions paid by HTM Insurance to contracted Brokers/Agents:

Private Passenger Automobile12.5%
Commercial Automobile12.5%
Residential and Personal Property20.0%
Commercial Property20.0%