Business Insurance

At HTM Insurance we provide specific packages for the business owner. Whether your business operates on the main street or out of your own home, HTM can tailor a competitive policy package that will protect you and your investment. Talk to your local HTM broker/agent to discover the best options available in your specific situation.

We offer a wide range of packages for: 

  • Apartments
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Churches
  • Contractors
  • Home Based Business
  • Office
  • Retail Stores
  • Other Programs

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Whether your business operates on the main street or out of your own home, our flexible coverage works to protect everything you’ve worked so hard to build.



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Home Based Business


Retail Stores

Other Programs

Policy Wording

Refer to your policy declaration page for the coverages you have purchased from us. Your agent or broker is your best adviser.

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Description of Coverage Coverage Code Coverage Type Current Wording Previous Wordings
Limited Waiver of Depreciation Extension LWD-0010-11.23 Business, Contractors Jan 2024
Winery Broad Form CMF-0520-1215 Business Dec 2022
Welding Warranty Business Jan 2022
Voluntary Compensation for Church Employees and Volunteers ELI-0500-1210 Business Dec 2022
Tenants Vandalism & Malicious Damage Endorsement 18006 Business Jan 2022
Stat Conditions EO-0895-0315 Business Mar 2022
Solar Energy Equipment Coverage Endorsement EM-0635-0822 Business Jan 2023 Mar 2022
Sewer, Septic Tank, Floor Drain or Sump Backup Coverage CMF-0025-1218 Business Dec 2022
S.P.F. No 6.- Standard Non-Owned Automobile ELI-0825-1210 Business Dec 2022
S.E.F. No. 99 Excluding Long Term Leased Vehicle Endorsement HTM-0950-0712 Business Jul 2022
Office Equipment Endorsement ECM-0010-1206 Business Dec 2022
O.E.F. 98B Reduction of Coverage for Lessees or Drivers of Leased Vehicles Endorsement OEF 98B Business Aug 2022
Pollution Liability Coverage for Land Exterminators Endorsement ELI-0125-0413 Business Apr 2022
Pollution Liability Extension Endorsement ELI-0725-1210 Business Dec 2022
Restriction of Coverage – Roof Endorsement EO-0105-0113 Business Jan 2022
Not-For-Profit Directors’ & Officers’ Liability Insurance Rider ELI-0880-0123 Business Jan 2023
Money & Securities (Broad Form) Endorsement ECC-0035-1218 Business Dec 2022
Miscellaneous Property Coverage – Named Perils Including Theft EO-0720-0113 Business Jan 2022
Loss of Income – Earnings No Co-Insurance Coverage Endorsement EI-0600-0111 Business Jan 2022
Livestock Coverage CE-50000 Business
Extended Loss of Income Coverage EI-0680-0609 Business May 2022
Limitation of Liability Coverage to Designated Premises CE-0050-1210 Business Dec 2022
Installation Coverage Form CMF-0200-1218 Business Dec 2022
Host Liquor Liability Exclusion ELI-0760-1210 Business Dec 2022
Gross Rental Income Form EI-0025-1218 Business Dec 2022
Flood Coverage Endorsement EO-1015-0915 Business Sep 2022
Exterior Glass Coverage Form EO-0735-0501 Business Sep 2022
Extended Loss of Income Coverage – ALS EI-0690-0609 Business Jun 2022
Exclusion – Products – Completed Operations Hazard ELI-0055-1210 Business Dec 2022
Equipment Breakdown Endorsement EO-0865-0117 Business Jan 2022
Employer’s Bodily Injury Liability Coverage Extension Endorsement ELI-0045-1210 Business Dec 2022
Earthquake Endorsement EO-0016-0419 Business, Farm, Residential Apr 2022
Druggist Liability Extension Endorsement ELI-0110-1210 Business Dec 2022
Data Compromise Coverage Endorsement – Response Expenses and Defence EO-0985-0116 Business Jan 2022
Cyberone Coverage – Computer Attack and Network Security Liability Endorsement EO-0990-0116 Business Jan 2022
Contractors’ Accident Insurance HTM CA-1-11-2012 Business Nov 2022
Contractors Tools & Equipment Floater CMF-0010-1218 Business Dec 2022
Comprehensive Dishonesty, Disappearance & Destruction Coverage Form ECC-0055-0609 Business Jun 2022
Commercial Umbrella Liability PP-0020-0907 Business Sep 2022
Commercial Property Named Perils Form CMF-0150-1218 Business Dec 2022
Commercial Property Broad Form CMF-0005-1218 Business Dec 2022
Church CounsellingÊLiability Extention Endorsement ELI-0810-1218 Business Dec 2022
Commercial Condominium Liability Endorsement EO-0905-0112 Business Jan 2022
Commercial Condominium Unit Owners Extension Endorsement EO-0905-0112 Business Jan 2022
Commercial General Liability ELI-0780-1210 Business Dec 2022
Builders Risk Broad Form ECF-1580-0222 Business Jul 2024 Jan 2023
Beauty Parlour or Barber Shop Liability Extension Endorsement ELI-0095-1210 Business Dec 2022
Athletic-Sports Participant Exclusion Endorsement ELI-0120-1210 Business Dec 2022
Antique Stock-Second Hand Goods Clause CMF-0030-1218 Business Dec 2022
Additional Property Damage Exclusion ELI-0065-1210 Business Dec 2022
Abuse Limitation Endorsement ELI-0730-1210 Business Dec 2022
Additional Agreements Of The Insurer – Winery Package CMF-0525-1215 Business Dec 2022
Additional Agreements Of The Insurer – Contractors Package CMF-0205-0124 Business Jan 2024 Dec 2022
Additional Agreements Of The Insurer – Commercial Package CMF-0035-0124 Business Jan 2024 Dec 2022
Additional Agreements Of The Insurer – Church Package CMF-0500-0124 Business Jan 2024 Dec 2022



Other Products

At HTM, we strive to offer a variety of products to fit your every need, allowing you to have everything you need in one place. Our product offering includes Farm, Residential, Auto and Commercial policies, which you can choose from by working with one of  our knowledgeable agents or brokers.