Understanding Loss Prevention

A preventative approach to protecting what’s most valuable. 

The Mutual System was founded on the principle of “neighbour helping neighbour”. At HTM Insurance Company, helping our policyholders prevent loss is something that we take seriously. We believe that responsibility extends to providing services to help you identify potential losses before they occur.

As a value-added service, we offer our policyholders complimentary Loss Prevention inspections. What this means is that a member of our professional team will visit your property to identify possible hazards and issues, such as heating and electrical installations, environmental exposures or potential hazards. They will also gather information such as building measurements and take photos to create or update your file. 

During the Loss Prevention inspection process a member of our personable, knowledgeable and friendly team will be assigned to help with your specific Loss Prevention needs. Count on them to provide suggestions, advice, and recommendations on how to minimize your risk of loss. 

Our team has a combined 53 years’ experience in Loss Prevention. All of our representatives are WETT-Certified as well as possess additional related industry certifications. Meet the team

Our inspectors come equipped with state-of-the-art tools, including a tablet, thermal-imaging camera, and a laser measuring device. This technology, along with our wealth of knowledge, is distilled into our unique program, a completely free service to our policyholder. 


Our Loss Prevention Team 


Bryce Clarke

vice president
loss prevention


Owen Merrill

loss prevention


Scott Newman

loss prevention representative


Becky Jones

loss prevention administration


Don Sayles

loss prevention representative


Matthew Flagler

loss prevention representative


A. Our inspectors are knowledgeable about building construction, fire safety, as well as heating and electrical installations, to name a few. They do not sell insurance and are not experts on coverage matters such as rates, riders, endorsements or the like. The inspection is also about getting out and visiting with our customers and seeing what we’re insuring.

A. Definitely, yes! Your broker has already gathered some basic information to put a package of insurance together for you. We’re expanding on that with our inspection.

A. While we cannot speak for other insurance companies, we think our team is awesome. Not only that, but we care enough about our customers to actually send someone by to say hello. We realize that this is certainly a different approach than you may be used to, and hope that you’ll come to appreciate the personal service that we offer with this type of program.

A. No. This is a complimentary service that we offer our customers.

A. Unfortunately, no. We do not charge you a fee for a Level I WETT inspection. We complete it for our own purposes in terms of your insurance with us. As a result, we are unable to provide you with a copy of the inspection report indicating that there are no deficiencies

A. Yes we do. Our inspection has both interior and exterior components. The inspector will need to see the heating system, electrical and plumbing installations, sump pump(s), woodstove(s)/fireplaces (as applicable), as well as the interior finishes. We also check the number and position of life safety devices (smoke and CO sensors, etc).

A. The length of time that an inspection can take depends on many things, such as the size or complexity of the insured building(s), the number of buildings on the property, what is being inspected, and the nature of the occupancy. A straightforward single-family dwelling in a subdivision may be completed in as little as 45 minutes, while a working farm property could take a few hours. The inspector can help narrow that down when contacting you to book an appointment to complete the inspection.

A. The inspection is a requirement of your insurance with us, yes.

A. The information that we gather as part of the inspection program, including digital photos, building measurements, and both interior and exterior finishes is used by our Underwriting Department to update your file. It is also maintained in the unfortunate event of a loss, so that we have a snapshot of what existed prior to the loss, and can help our Claims Department in mitigating your claim. We also forward a copy of the inspection report along to your broker, to help you with coverage matters. What’s important to note is that we do not share this information with any outside agency, such as MPAC or Revenue Canada. Protection of your personal information and privacy is a priority.

A. Your question is really the difference between Market Value (what you paid) and reconstruction costs (rebuilding cost). Any questions about coverage matters should be directed to your broker. They are the expert there.

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