Make A Payment

HTM Insurance has a variety of payment options and methods available to suit your needs.

Please speak to your agent or broker for any questions you may have.


Payment Methods

For your convenience, HTM Insurance accepts the following payment methods:

Pay by Credit Card

  • You are able to pay by credit card securely on our site, please see below for details

Monthly Pre-authorized bank or credit card payments

  • If you would like to set up pre-authorized monthly payments, please contact your agent or broker and complete our authorization form. 

On-line banking – Add Us as A Payee on Your Bank Account 

  • Search for our company name registered with your bank under “HTM Insurance” or “Hamilton Township Mutual Insurance”.  Please ensure that you choose the “Insurance” company.

At your brokerage during office hours, or our office (drop box is available for after hours).

  • Send a cheque by mail.


Pay By Credit Card

Click on the Add Payment Detail button to enter each policy number and how much you want to pay towards it (Canadian Funds). Use the Add Payment Detail button again if you have more than one policy. To edit any payment information or remove a row that was added in error, click either the Edit or Delete button.

When you have added all your payments, please click on the Proceed to Payment button.

Thank you for choosing HTM Insurance Company.

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